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1 in 3 cars that passes through our car check has something to hide
Every day, our industry discovers over 2,000 vehicles for sale that are stolen
1 in 3 cars we check has an active finance agreement or loan against it
We discover over 1,800 cars a day with a mileage discrepancy
And did you know that 1 in 5 cars have had a plate change?
And over 2,000 are found to be insurance write-offs

We’ve been designing car data software for over ten years, so you can be sure our data reports are accurate, unbiased and honestly priced.

What have people been saying about our car reports?

Where do we source our data?

Our up-to-the-minute data comes from a variety of sources - government departments (including the DVLA), Experian, the police and vehicle agencies.

UK Vehicle Data
UK Police
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register
Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders
Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders
Vehicle Certification Agency
National Mileage Register
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Motor Insurers Bureau

Stolen? Written-off? Still on finance? Clocked?

Avoid all of these risks and more with a Car Check Mate report

£40,000 Data Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our data we offer up to £40,000 in compensation if we knowingly get it wrong. Beware of other sites offering car checks with no guarantee of their data. Our full terms and conditions are available below and we try to make them as clear as possible.