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What kind of information do the reports NOT provide?

Our reports (like all other car report companies) do not provide the names of or information pertaining to a vehicle's previous or current owner(s).

Car Check Mate reports will not provide information on every accident a vehicle has been involved with. Accidental damage is only identified where an insurance company has registered the vehicle as a write-off, and in no other circumstances.

Our reports will not provide any details on the service history or the mechanical worthiness of a vehicle. If you want to ensure a car is mechanically sound and as roadworthy as possible, speak to a car inspection company.

Car Check Mate reports do not provide any details if the vehicle has been stolen and recovered unless there are outstanding interests, or the vehicle was subject to being written-off as a total loss by the insurer.

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£40,000 Data Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our data we offer up to £40,000 in compensation if we knowingly get it wrong. Beware of other sites offering car checks with no guarantee of their data. Our full terms and conditions are available below and we try to make them as clear as possible.