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Car Data Report Prices

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Gold Check

three stars
Or get 5 Gold reports for £19.49.
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Basic Check

one star

For an in-depth report about a vehicle

A simple, cost-effective vehicle check

Data Warranty£40,000£5,000
Vehicle DetailsYesYes
Plate ChangesYesYes
Imported Or ExportedYesYes
MOT Status & HistoryYesYes
Colour ChangesYesYes
Efficiency & Running Costs 1YesYes
Previous OwnersYesYes
Outstanding Finance 1YesNo
Stolen CheckYesNo
VIN/Chassis Match 2YesNo
Valuation 1YesNo
Mileage Irregularities 1YesNo
Mileage History 1YesNo

So whether you want a simple, cost-effective Basic check or a more in-depth Gold report, get some peace of mind by typing the registration plate into the box above or below!

  1. The information is provided where available. Performance, ownership, mileage, valuation, finance and environmental information may also not be available for vehicles over 10 years old, for non passenger cars or for some vehicle categories, e.g. classic vehicles, motorhomes, heavy commercials and agricultural vehicles.
  2. The VIN/Chassis check requires you first to enter the correct VIN - we will then confirm it. This is a DVLA restriction to prevent fraud.

£40,000 Data Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our data we offer up to £40,000 in compensation if we knowingly get it wrong. Beware of other sites offering car checks with no guarantee of their data. Our full terms and conditions are available below and we try to make them as clear as possible.